Tim Kasper (KV) | Kroppsverkstan

Tim Kasper (KV)

Timothy KasperMy introduction to yoga came via the generous and nurturing pedagogy of Rodney Yee and the Iyengar Yoga method. Eventually, I was exposed to the Ashtanga Yoga method in N.Y.C. studying under Paul Dallaghan founder of Centered Yoga which is currently located in Thailand. Paul is one of a few students worldwide to be certified by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and is still an inspiration to me today.

My personal style is strongly influenced by these two styles with an infusion of Anasara yoga study in NYC with Amy Ippoliti. I teach yoga as a metaphor for life. Living, in my opinion, is an art form. Just as any other creative process, it demands a balance of effort and surrender, imagination and structure, and possibly, above all, a genuine point of view informed by experience and exploration. Without a point of view, there is no intention and isn’t intention central to the Asana practice?

My goal, above all, is to guide people toward empowerment by simply introducing them to the capacity that already exists within them, not only spiritually, but mentally, and physically. Sometimes a subtle shift in alignment, approach, breathing, intention, or belief, can be the key which reveals a new truth, a greater stability, a deeper experience and a joyful and injury free yoga practice.

Klasser med Tim VT 2018 på Kroppsverkstan (KV)
Tor 19.30: Hatha flow