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Stephanie Scott (YR)

Josefin Strömblad

Regardless of what initially brings you to the mat for your first yoga class, yoga inevitably brings you to explore and deepen the relationship with yourself, how you relate to others, and your environment.

Over years of working in the medical field and world travel, yoga has been my constant and has changed my way of being and relating. I began asana practice in University and have been teaching since 2012. I come from a nursing background in the US, am also a Certified Health Coach, as well as a nature loving yoga teacher. My practice is hatha based with influence from Iyengar and YogaWorks method among others. I believe yoga and mindfulness practices are a beautiful challenge, it takes a softness in the exploration and motivation coupled with a heavy dose of self compassion. I teach hatha, flow, and restorative practices with alignment, effort, and ease in mind.

I invite all to make yoga their own, simply arrive! Start the unique journey to create soulful living.

Klasser med Stephanie på Yogarummet (YR)
Onsdagar VT 2019, Morgonyoga kl 7-8